The world we live in is full of bafflement, frustration and incomprehension. Although technology can’t be blamed for everything it is central to much of what we find difficult on a daily basis, whether it be figuring out how to recover a lost password, set the timer on the oven or just get inside the shrink wrap of a product that didn’t need packaging in the first place.

So a few weeks back I had the idea of starting a blog where I could complain and explain at the same time, and this is where it starts. In future pages I’ll try to unbaffle, to defrustrate and to make sense of the incomprehensible. Yes, I’ve taken on a huge task and I may fall at one of the early hurdles, but I had to try.

From time to time I may be tempted to stray into politics, social issues, linguistics or even religion. My views are my own and I have no wish to offend, though I have no respect for unthinking assumptions dressed up as common sense.

On the next page is my first subject, “Do I need it?”, where I intend to question the true meaning of the word “need”.

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